Did you know the average skateboarder buys a new pair of skate shoes every 2 months? STI set out to create the longest lasting suede on the market. e-Suede™ was developed to withstand the demands of skateboarding where abrasion and friction from grip tape can destroy regular types of suede in only a couple days.

Other companies simply make their suede thicker, but this cuts down on board feel and leaves you with less control of your board. STI worked at the molecular level to create a unique fiber structure that is stronger than traditional suede.
Tested exclusively in our research lab on our custom built Ollie and kick flip machine, the silky smooth fibers in e-Suede™ last 3 times longer than standard suede while still being thin enough to give you the ultimate feel and control of your board. If you're looking for extra durability, try out a pair of e-Suede™ shoes today.

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Grip tape can destroy the canvas, suede, or leather on your skate shoes quickly leaving you with holes in your shoes and socks.

To help keep your toes safe, STI created Resistek which is made of a unique woven fiber structure that is extra tough and provides superior abrasion resistance. In fact the same material is used on military inflatable boats to keep them from puncturing when dragged over dirt and rocks.

As the canvas, suede, or leather wears away on your shoes the hidden flexible Resistek material is there to provide a valuable second layer of extra protection to extend the life of your shoes. Look for shoes featuring Resistek at your local skate shop.

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