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STI Fusion Technology revolutionizes the way vulcanized skateboard shoes are made. Using a patent pending 21st century process, the outsole, midsole, and upper are fused together to create 3 times the bonding strength compared to traditional vulc shoes.

Unlike vulc shoes which use glue to hold the different parts of the shoe together, the upper and outsole in STI Fusion shoes are held together using liquid PU foam. As the PU dries it creates an unbreakable bond. By adding a piece of foxing tape; a vulcanized look is achieved.

Not only is STI Fusion more durable and comfortable, it is also twice as flexible and 20% lighter than previous generations of vulc shoes. Best of all the shoes are greener to produce because less glue, water, and energy is required to make the shoes. Look for the STI Fusion logo on select skate shoe models!

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